Shuttle Digital Home D1416 Surveillance System

Shuttle announced the debut of the Digital Home D1416 Surveillance System, marking the company’s entry into the home technology market globally. Supporting up to 16 channels of real-time recording, the D1416 is designed to offer the utmost in flexibility to make surveillance operation easy for home users. Users can set a weekly recording schedule at will, and mark which hours of the day to record or not record at all. The selected video clips are all time stamped for future searching and playback. The D1416 includes a 7-inch display with touch screen technology that enables users to operate simple-and-direct commands.

The surveillance cameras can be set up in multiple locations for any area of home. Home users can simultaneously monitor all cameras at one time and have the functional recording program if motion is detected. Shuttle Digital Home D1416 Surveillance System is ideal for capturing any suspected images without wasting time searching. . The D1416 features the leading technology that enables to restart the surveillance task after sudden failure of electricity or system crash.