Silicon-Power SDHC 16 GB Memory Card

Silicon-Power announced the launch of its SDHC series of class2, class4 and class6 16 GB memory card. SDHC is the new generation of SD cards (Version 2.0) that support FAT32 and can reach up to an enormous 32GB capacity. Silicon-Power 16 GB SDHC memory card is equipped with high capacity and efficiency. It can store up to 5,384 pictures of 6MP, 816 RAW photographs or movies above 2,240 minutes.

In accordance with the demand for storage of digital multimedia, Silicon-Power SDHC 16GB memory card confirms simultaneously to the consumers’ need of storage capacity and speed of memory card. It is qualified to high quality and high compatibility and was awarded as the consumers’ best choice. Silicon-Power SDHC 16 GB Memory Card measures 4 X 32 X 2.1mm and weigh 2g.