SkyTraq launches World’s highest integration single-chip GPS receiver

Venus634LP GPS receiver from SkyTraq is the world’s highest integration single-chip GPS receiver using its low-power Venus6T GPS architecture. Featuring highest integration, 1 centimeter squared footprint, ultra fast TTFF, high sensitivity, and low current consumption, the Venus634LP GPS receiver enables lowest cost of embedding location awareness into portable applications without compromising size, performance, and battery life. It is compatible with both active and passive antenna. The receiver consumes 50mA during signal acquisition and 30mA during full power continuous tracking. Dedicated signal parameter search engine within Venus634LP is capable of performing 8 million time-frequency hypothesis testing per second, offering ultra-fast 1-second hot start and 29-second cold start under open sky. Advanced track engine allows tracking sensitivity of -158dBm, enabling continuous navigation in harsh environments such as urban canyon and under deep foliage.

Venus634LP is housed in 10mm x 10mm x 1.2mm 44-pin LGA package. Volume delivery to customer begins in Q3 of 2008. Engineering sample, datasheet, reference design, and evaluation kit will be available in June 2008. SkyTraq is a fabless semiconductor company, which develops GPS chipset for consumer navigation and tracking applications. SkyTraq’s high-sensitivity GPS technology delivers state of the art TTFF performance, and enables operation under indoor and difficult urban canyon environments. SkyTraq founded in 2005 is located in Hsinchu,Taiwan.