SMK prototype No Battery Remote Control!

SMK a leading remote control manufacturer, prototyped a TV remote control shaped like a water gun that eliminates the need for a battery. The channels, volume control and On/Off power switch is controlled by operating the trigger. The remote control incorporates an electromagnetic induction coil, high speed rotation gears, a power circuit, an infrared light emitting unit, etc. When the user pulls the trigger on the remote control, the coil rotates at a high speed by means of the built-in gears. The electromagnetic induction of the coil generates power to perform smoothing and other processing in the power circuit before turning on the LED. The coil momentarily generates a current of approximately 20-30mA, which can transmit signals between several meters via infrared light.

When the user pulls the trigger, the remote control changes the channel. Two consecutive pulls will turn the TV on or off. Volume control can be performed by pulling the trigger while pushing another button at the same time. Energy saving technologies are currently being highlighted in connection with global warming.