Solomon Systech Capacitive Touch Panel Controller can detect 4 fingers movement at the same time

The capacitive touch panel controller SSD2521 from Solomon Systech is a touch interface solution to fulfill the latest market needs. This controller integrates all the necessary components and functions into a single chip such as power circuits, panel driving and sensing circuits, high resolution ADC, fast response digital signal processor (DSP) and finger tracking unit. To support high accuracy and fast touch detection, the DSP adopts several arithmetic algorithms for finger extraction and tracking. It tracks maximum four fingers simultaneously and reports the absolute coordinate of each finger. In addition, it can detect individual touch incidents and events based on the tracked finger coordinates. SSD2521 supports true multi-touch and can drive up to 7″ capacitive touch panels on a WVGA display.

Solomon Systech Capacitive Touch Panel Controller can create many fascinating functions such as dragging and enlarging image with simply fingers pressing on display screen. SSD2521 is an easy-to-use touch panel controller with excellent cost performance.