Sony announces 1/1.2-type 4K-Resolution CMOS Image Sensor for Security Cameras

Sony Semiconductor Solutions today announced the upcoming release of IMX585, a 1/1.2-type 4K-resolution CMOS image sensor for security cameras, which delivers approximately 8 times the dynamic range of conventional model in a single exposure. The image sensor IMX585 comes with an original device structure that employs a light incidence plane with irregularities on its surface. This design refracts incident light, thereby enhancing the absorption rate of invisible near infrared light, resulting in enhanced sensitivity approximately 1.7 times that of conventional model. As a result, the image sensor can capture high-quality images even in the near infrared range, which is often necessary for dark scenes at night.

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The new product uses Sony’s proprietary STARVIS 2 technology, which delivers high sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR) using back-illuminated pixel technology specially designed for security cameras, resulting in an 88 dB dynamic range, approximately 8 times that of conventional 1/1.2-type 4K-resolution image sensor in a single exposure. It also increases the sensitivity in the near infrared range by approximately 1.7 times compared to conventional model.

The new Sony sensor ensures high-quality image capture regardless of the environment or time of day. This, when integrated with the AI image processing in its camera system, delivers high-precision recognition, thereby contributing to a safer, more secure society.

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Sony also plans to launch IMX662, a 1/3-type 2K resolution image sensor employing STARVIS 2 to deliver an 88 dB dynamic range in a single exposure. Samples are scheduled to be made available for shipment within this year. When integrated with AI, these products make high-precision image recognition possible in urban areas or other settings involving fast moving objects and other difficult conditions, regardless of the time of day.