Sony announces fully automated spectral cell analyzer- SA3800

Sony_SA3800_spectral_cell_analyzerSony today announced the launch of its SA3800 spectral cell analyzer, a new flow cytometer equipped with a newly developed autosampler that features 3-dimensional drive (X, Y, Z axes).The Sony SA3800 combines ease of operation with full automation, and its autosampler delivers high-speed analysis and processing performance. A flow cytometer is a device that irradiates cells stained with a fluorescent reagent with a laser and analyzes the types and properties of the cells by measuring fluorescence and scattered light. Flow cytometers are widely used in cellular research fields such as immunology, oncology, and regenerative medicine, as well as in drug discovery.

Sony_SA3800_spectral_cell_analyzer_3D_auto_samplerThe Sony SA3800’s newly developed autosampler employs a stationary sample suction probe and a well plate that moves in three dimensions (X, Y, Z axes), thus speeding the sample acquisition and analysis process. Additionally, the probe has a built-in self-washing function that further reduces the carryover ratio to 0.1% or less.3 These capabilities enable the SA3800 to realize stable yet high-speed sample collection, which is a much sought after feature for the analysis of large numbers of samples. The adoption of a highly sensitive 32 channel photomultiplier tube (PMT) makes possible the detection and separation of the previously unmeasurable factor of cell autofluorescence5. It also greatly simplifies the time-consuming process of fluorochrome correction and ensures that results are verifiable, regardless of who is operating the device.

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