Sony Announces Launch of ID7000 Flagship Spectral Cell Analyzer

Sony today announced the launch of its ID7000 flagship spectral cell analyzer, a new flow cytometer that achieves streamlined multicolor cell analysis for more than 44 colors. In terms of multi-color analysis, cell analyzer currently available on the market could express up to 30 different colors. ID7000 increases this up to 44 colors, allowing for up to 16,000 times the information collecting capacity in principle. One of significant breakthrough of spectral technology incorporated in the ID7000 is its 188 detectors – more than 3 times the number detectors than any flow cytometer available today.

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This flagship spectral cell analyzer allows for a dramatic increase in the information collection capacity of the system to empower deep scientific insights for advanced research. Sony ID7000 provides comprehensive cell information about heterogeneous cell populations to empower scientific deep insights and contribute acceleration of research growth.

Incorporating Sony novel spectral technology with up to 7 lasers and 188 detectors the system enables researchers to detect dim and rare populations from heterogeneous cell populations expanding the boundaries of cell analysis. A flow cytometer is a powerful tool that analyzes cells on cell-by-cell basis and allows users to measure multiple parameters of single cells very rapidly—up to 40,000 cells in under one second.

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Flow cytometers are used with monoclonal antibody reagents with different fluorochromes (multicolor flow cytometry) to distinguish different populations of cells in samples run on the system. Clinicians use these instruments to diagnose and select best treatment options for patients. Sony is currently exhibiting and demonstrating the ID7000 at the 34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (CYTO 2019), to be held until June 26 in Vancouver, Canada