Sony develops highly accurate high speed Skin Analyzing Technology using back-illuminated CMOS image sensors and skin-analyzing algorithms

Electronic giant Sony today announced the development of SSKEP (Smart Skin Evaluation Program), a highly accurate, high speed technology for analyzing various elements of the skin, including texture, blemishes, pores, brightness and coloring. “SSKEP” is Sony’s own skin analyzing technology which is comprised of back-illuminated CMOS image sensors that achieve high sensitivity and low noise, multiple wavelength light source controls, and skin-analyzing algorithms. The combination of advanced sensing technologies and high-speed image processing technologies will enable the quantitative and multilateral measuring and analysis of various elements of the skin.

Skin analyzing products are currently available in the beauty industry for professional and consumer use but professional products are large and expensive, while consumer products offer limited analyzing capabilities. By incorporating Sony’s newly-developed SSKEP skin analyzing technology, manufacturers will be able to commercialize compact products that can easily analyze various elements of the skin.

Sony anticipates a diverse range of applications for its newly-developed “SSKEP” technology in various new services and consumer-oriented products across the beauty industry and more. Accordingly, Sony will continue to develop and enhance its skin analyzing technologies.

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