Sony racket-mounted Smart Tennis Sensor immediately analyze the tennis shot

Sony Japan today announced the launch of racket-mounted Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1. Sony racket-mounted Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1, immediately analyze the shot of tennis players and displays the same on tablet or smartphone. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1 offers customers a new experience to see easily, how they play and analyze their mistakes etc. Sony is providing free Smart Tennis Sensor application on App Store and Google Play store with the launch of the product.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1 is mounted on the end portion of the racket grip. The sensor via Bluetooth and WiFi immediately analyze the shot and displays the result on the tablet or smartphone. With the playing data stored on the smartphone, it is possible to share the data with the coach, for their expert opinion for mastering the game. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1 records the data and swing type, such as forehand / backhand, position of the ball with racket and also the rotation of the ball speed and swing speed etc.
The data can be viewed immediately. The user can save the playing data on memory mode of the sensor without connecting the smartphone. The built-in memory can store the data corresponding to about 12,000 balls. Sony racket-mounted Smart Tennis Sensor SSE-TN1 measures 31.3mm, 17.6mm (height) and weighs 8g. Charging time is approximately 90 minutes. Sony SSE-TN1 is available for approximately 18,000 yen($172).
Main Specifications of Sony SSE-TN1:
Waterproof performance- (IPX5) equivalent ※ JIS / IEC protection class 5.
Dustproof-Protected from (IP6X) equivalent dust ※ JIS / IEC protection class 6.
Charging time-About 90 minutes
Continuous use time- Bluetooth on-about 90 minutes (at a rate of 500 balls in 60 minutes).
When not playing the device switches to sleep mode for power saving.
Bundled items Attachment, cradle, cradle cap, micro USB cable, removal tool, carrying pouch.

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