Sony enhanced version PSP due on Sept 10

Sony on Wednesday unveiled an enhanced version of PSP which is slimmer, lighter, have longer battery life and provide hi-definition video output to TVs. Showing off the updated PSP at the E3 Media & Business Summit in Santa Monica, Calif., Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said the enhanced version of PSP is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer than the original model. The new redesigned version of Sony PSP will be available in two special editions, “Ice Silver” and “Ceramic White,” bundled with games and accessories. Due on Sept. 10, the silver version will come with a 1GB Memory Stick and bundled with “Daxter PSP Entertainment Pack,” including Daxter video game, and a DVD with episodes from “The Family Guy” television series. The model is priced at 199.99 U.S. dollars.

Ceramic White will hit the markets on Oct. 9, and will feature a “Star Wars Battlefront Entertainment Pack” that will have Star Wars” villain Darth Vader’s silk-screened visage on the back. Bundled with “Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade,” the white PSP will also be available for 199.99 dollars. The enhanced version also contains a faster Universal Media Disc (UMD) drive, used to load games and some movies.