Sony ICF-B01 hand crank radio

snradi2.jpgThe new hand-crank portable FM/AM radio “ICF-B01” from Sony ensures you’ll never be caught without three important emergency tools: AM/FM/( FM: 76~108MHz (TV1~3ch)/AM: 530~1605kHz) radio, a flashlight, and a cell phone charger. The wind-up generator stores its charge in a built-in nickel electric battery but the radio can also be powered by 2 batteries. One minute of cranking provides up to one hour of Am reception, 40 minutes of FM and cell phone charge lasts for 3 minutes. The battery will give approximately 50 hours of Am and 40 hours of FM listening, 30 hours of LED light and cell phone charge lasting 20 minutes.

The radio measuring 130×52×77mm (wxdxh) weighs 285g and will be available from 10th June approximately for approximately 6,000 Yen.

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