Sony monthly Lithium Ion Battery Production to reach 74 million units in 2010

Sony will invest approximately 40 billion yen towards strengthening its lithium ion battery production operations. This is the first phase of investment in lithium ion batteries Sony is undertaking as part of efforts to reinforce core areas of its component and semiconductor business over the next three years. This investment will be used to construct new production facilities as well as enhance existing lines at Motomiya Technology Center and Tochigi Technology Center of Sony Energy Device Corporation, Sony’s lithium ion battery production sites in Japan. With Sony also expanding lithium ion battery production in Singapore and China, its monthly production capacity will increase from the current level of 41 million cells per month to 74 million cells in 2010.

Lithium ion batteries, which were first introduced into the market by Sony in 1992, combine high power capacity with compact size. Sony’s first global recall of more than 10 million batteries came last year when power sources used in notebooks from several manufacturers, including Apple and Dell, began showing defects and overheating. It was the largest recall ever in the computer industry. Hope history wont repeat