Sony to donate Bravia LCD TVs and Vaio laptops used for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to African charities

Sony together with FIFA and its Local Organising Committee will today begin the distribution of Sony Bravia LCD TVs, Sony Vaio laptop computers and associated technical equipment to an extensive network of community development projects across South Africa. As a part of FIFA’s Football For Hope initiative, more than 4,700 Sony Bravia LCD TVs, as well as some 350 Sony Vaiolaptop computers, previously used to ensure the smooth running of the 2010 FIFA World Cup , will be donated to a variety of schools, clinics, community youth projects and social development initiatives.

The information technology equipment used by FIFA and the LOC at the FIFA World Cup is managed by the IT division of MATCH Services AG. They have kindly committed to ensuring all the hardware and software is comprehensively prepared prior to its redeployment.