South Korea Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cells that Can Extend Submarine Range

The South Koran agency for Defence Development announced that it has developed a new technology that can greatly extend the range of submarines by enabling them to produce hydrogen fuel cells autonomously. As per the agency for Defence Development the newly-developed technology can produce high-purity hydrogen directly in submarines. High-purity hydrogen can be used as a fuel in submarine fuel cells. The newly-developed technology does not require a separate hydrogen charging facility and can reduce charging time, thereby effectively increasing the range of submarines.

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Submarine fuel cells, in general, have low per-weight storage efficiency and take a long time to charge. In addition, hydrogen can only be charged through separate facilities. The newly-developed technology, allows submarines to produce high purity hydrogen autonomously through a fuel reforming method that uses methanol as a fuel. Fuel reforming is a method of changing the form of a chemical structure from the component of fuel and extracting the desired material during the process.

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