South Korean Researchers Develop Electrostatic Water Drop Air Purification Technology

A research team from Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), has developed a new air purification technology using water drops. KIER successfully demonstrated the new electrostatic spray-based air purification technology on the platform of Janghanpyeong Station on Seoul’s subway line No. 5. The newly developed technology from South Korea does not use any filter. Unlike existing filter-type air purifiers, the new technology can reduce the burden of replacing filters on a regular basis, as well as preventing the increase in the fan’s consumption power.

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Electrostatic spray makes use of high voltage electricity when spraying water like a mist to give water drops electrostatic properties. The electrostatic water drops attract fine dust, which then clings to them. The oxygenated water and ozone water created when making the electrostatic spray contributed to reducing floating bacteria by more than 99.9 percent and volatile organic compounds by more than 96 percent. The demonstration proved that the new technology can reduce the density of PM 2.5 ultrafine dust (ultrafine particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) within the platform by up to 98 percent.

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