Speaker terminal nextgen WBT-0710

Teac Corporation commenced the sale of German speaker terminal “nextgen WBT-0710 in Japan. The term nextgen stands for a new generation of connectors in which the strict separation of signal transmission and mechanical stability has permitted the use of ideal materials for the first time. The core of the new WBT-0710TM pole terminal is not only made from pure copper or fine silver but it is also designed from one piece so that all unnecessary transition resistance is omitted. The signal conductor is embedded in a matrix of glass fibre and mineral strengthened plastic and strain relief is achieved by means of a non-magnetic stainless steel strut. The clever angular alignment of the signal conductor allows the secure fitting of spades, banana plugs and crimped cable ends. A damping ring made from elastomer prevents vibration at the contact level

The WBT-0710 nextgen conforms to all current norms and safety regulations. With a 30 amp continuous and a 500 amp power impulse current capability all concerns are satisfied. The nextgen silver WBT-0710Ag is available for approximately 13,650 Yen ($120) and copper WBT-0710Cu for 7,875 Yen ($68).
Via Teac (Japanese)