STMicroelectronics QST Family of Capacitive Touch Sensors

STMicroelectronics today announced the launch of the QST108, the first IC in a family of capacitive touch sense products that will enable contemporary and innovative user interfaces for many markets. Touch-sensitive controls are rapidly becoming the solution of choice to replace electro-mechanical switches as they allow designers to create elegant and attractive, functional and economical user interfaces for a wide range of designs where durability, ease of use and price are major considerations. The QST family of products will allow the easy creation of sealed, back-lit sensing surfaces, enabling manufacturers to dramatically reduce touch-panel costs while also creating dramatic, contemporary interfaces. The STMicroelectronics QST108 uses a pure digital, firmware-based solution that implements Quantum’s patented and field-proven charge-transfer QProx capacitive technology and provides an intelligent single-chip control interface that responds to users’ touch.

Initially available in a 32-pin LQFP package, the STMicroelectronics QST108 drives up to 8 LEDs. It features PWM capability (pulse width modulation) to drive a beeper output or to control LED brightness. De-bounced touch detection results are accessible through individual outputs or through the I2C interface.