Tamron 3-Megapixel AF Camera Modules for Mobile Phones

Tamron has announced a new 3-megapixel AF camera modules intended for use in camera-equipped mobile phones. The Tamron camera modules feature a built-in auto focus function and new Scale’s patented SQUIGGLE motors for precise movement of the lens. SQUIGGLE motors meet this need by enabling auto focus and optical zoom in smaller phone handsets, with little drain on the batteries. The robust miniature motors combine the precision needed for auto focus, with the long travel needed for zoom, so that both functions can be performed by the same motor. The Tamron camera module offers sophisticated functionality, including a 3-megapixel CCD, 3X AF zoom and is also equipped with an all-internal zoom system in which the aspheric glass lens section does not protrude from the module body.

Tamrons latest technology makes possible a compact module form factor measuring 18.2×16.3×10.8mm (width × depth × height). The module with high-performance lens, providing high resolution and high image quality with minimal distortion.