Tannoy Super Tweeter ST-100 B

Tannoy Super Tweeter ST-100 B comes in solid black ash and with the same Performance Platform as the ST100. The cutoff frequency of ST-100 was 18/20/22kHz, but with ST-100Bit is 14/16/18kHz. The Tannoy Super Tweeter is designed to provide the extended high frequency response demanded by modern programme material and sources (e.g. SACD / DVDA), which have driven the requirement for loudspeakers with extended frequency bandwidth performance. The high stiffness titanium dome minimizes effects of dome break-up and extends frequency while the 25mm diameter Neodymium magnet system extends frequency response by minimizing eddy current losses in voice coil. High purity (99.999%) solid silver internal wiring, PTFE coated dielectric, gold plated terminals, adjustment screws and circuit board for high signal transparency etc provides an increased immediacy, airiness and impact – making music sound more natural and true to life.

Tannoy Super Tweeter will transform any sound system, creating the effect of a quantum leap upgrade in the sound quality of speakers, electronic components and cables. Measuring 150×162×100mm), the Tannoy Super Tweeter ST-100 B weighs 1.2kg and will be available from early August for approximately 252,000 Yen ($2,197).
Via Teac (Japanese)