Technology and Art as One ~ PQI Chu Teh-Chun Limited Edition

The PQI Chu Teh-Chun Limited Edition Card Drive U510 uses PQI’s own patented Intelligent Stick technology and is compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1. Using a retractable design, the Intelligent Stick connector is one with Card Drive and can be tucked neatly allowing U510 to retain a business card size and 3mm thinness throughout. It can be stored away in your wallet, pockets and card holders for your convenience.

Chu Teh-Chun was born Baitou Zhen – Jiangsu Province, China on October 24, 1920 and is China’s Most-Distinguished Artist In 1999, he was honored as an Art Academician of France, the highest honor ever received by any Chinese artist in the international art world.