Top-notch Japanese Ruby Roman grapes cost around $180 a pop!

A wedding hall operator bought a bunch of around 30 Ruby Roman grapes grapes weighing some 800 grams for a record whopping Y550,000 ($5,400) on Saturday. The auction was held at Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. This was the first day of the buying season in the prefecture. A bridal couple at a wedding venue in Ishikawa Prefecture will have the privilege to taste the juicy grapes at their banquet.

Japan_grapesThe bunch of around 30 grapes weighed some 800 grams (28 ounces), and individual grapes can reach 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) in diameter. The top notch grapes – costing around $180 a pop – will be served at the wedding hall in the central city of Kanazawa, in Ishikawa.
Japanese grapes fetch a record $5,400

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