Toppan launches plastic-free IC tag labels with paper as the antenna base material

Toppan Printing Japan, has developed an environment-friendly IC tag label that uses paper as the antenna base material in the low-priced IC tag series that manages product information used in the manufacturing and logistics fields. The antenna of the IC tag is formed by printing on a substrate with conductive ink. When paper was used as the antenna base material, the communication distance was short and sufficient communication performance could not be obtained in the past, but a paper antenna that maintains the communication performance unique to Toppan has been developed, which is an environment-friendly type that does not use plastic.

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FSC certified paper is used for the product. By becoming plastic-free, the use of about 110 kg of plastic resin for 1 million sheets will be reduced compared to conventional products. In addition, it is 20% thinner than conventional products, and it is not bulky even if pasted documents are bulky, improving convenience. The label is designed to break when peeled off, making communication impossible, and prevents counterfeiting by reuse. The price of paper IC tag labels is about 10% higher than conventional products. It depends on the specifications and quantity. Toppan will start selling the paper IC tag labels in Japan from this month.

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