Toshiba Announces 150V N-channel Power MOSFET

Toshiba announced the launch of a 150V N-channel power MOSFET  TPH9R00CQH that uses the latest generation process, U-MOSX-H. Toshiba MOSFET  TPH9R00CQH is suitable for use in switching power supplies for industrial equipment—including those deployed in data centers and communications base stations. TPH9R00CQH has a drain-source On-resistance about 42% lower than TPH1500CNH, a 150V product that uses the current generation process, U-MOSⅧ-H. Optimization of the new MOSFET’s structure has improved the trade-off between the drain-source On-resistance and two charge characteristics realizing excellent low-loss characteristics.

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Spike voltage between the drain and source at switching operation is reduced, helping to lower electromagnetic interference (EMI) in switching power supplies. Two types of surface mount packages are available: SOP Advance and the more popular SOP Advance(N). Toshiba will expand its lineup of power MOSFETs that improve equipment power supply efficiency by cutting losses, helping to reduce power consumption. Toshiba MOSFET TPH9R00CQH is readily available.

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