Toshiba announces portable Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator EWP-001 for Japanese Market

Toshiba_EWP-001_Hypochlorous Acid Water GeneratorToshiba today announced the launch in the Japanese B2B market of EWP-001, a portable, desk-top electrolyzed functional water generator that produces hypochlorous acid water. Toshiba EWP-001 is light, compact and portable, similar in size to an electric kettle at just over 30cm tall with a 13cm base, and can produce one liter of weak hypochlorous acid water in 3 minutes.

Toshiba_EWP-001_Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator_working An LED lamp shows its status: stand-by, generating and complete. Hypochlorous acid water is a safe, low cost alternative with high anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. It is produced by electrolyze of water and salt, without any need of hazardous chemical materials, and is immediately effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including influenza and noroviruses. Hypochlorous acid water is very effective as a deodorant that counteracts the odors of ammonia and methyl mercaptan, both released by foodstuffs as they start to age.
Toshiba_EWP-001_Hypochlorous Acid Water Generator_usesToshiba EWP-001 is expected to find a wide range of uses in hygiene management, including gargling and as a hand-wash in restaurants, the sterilization of food processing facilities, medical facilities, nursing homes and day-care centers, the sterilization and deodorization of equipment at sports clubs, hotels and pet shops. It is also expected to find use in agriculture and stockbreeding and in food processing facilities. Toshiba EWP-001 will be available in Japan for approximately 98,000 yen ($864).

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