Toshiba Lifestyle announces drum-type washer-dryer with Antibacterial Ultra Fine Bubble Wash EX in Japan

Toshiba Lifestyle today announced the drum-type washer-dryer ZABOON TW-127XP1 equipped with “Antibacterial Ultra Fine Bubble Wash EX” in Japan. The washing machine will be available in12kg / 7kg capacity in Japan next month for approximately 420,000 yen ($3801). The machine is equipped with a new cleaning method “Antibacterial Ultra Fine Bubble Cleaning EX” that enhances the cleaning effect with two types of fine bubbles, ultra fine bubbles and micro bubbles. In addition to suppressing the yellowing of clothing due to the effect of ultra-fine bubbles, it also prevents the reattachment of dirt that has been newly removed by the effect of microbubbles, and also suppresses the darkening of clothing.

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Toshiba ZABOON TW-127XP1 washing machine uses a new fine bubble generator equipped with a new pressure tank. By mixing air with tap water while applying pressure in a pressurized tank and dissolving it, a large number of microbubbles are generated at the same time in addition to the conventional ultrafine bubbles. The ultra-fine bubbles penetrate into the gaps between the fibers to deliver the cleaning ingredients and enhance the effect of removing dirt. The microbubbles catch the dirt that has come off the clothes and prevent the dirt from adhering to the clothes again. The machine is equipped with a new heat pump unit to enhance dehumidifying capacity.

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Since the washing water is directly heated with the hot water heater, it is possible to sterilize with hot water at about 60 ° C. The temperature can be set in 5 steps of about 15/30/40/50/60 ° C. In addition to the conventional automatic cleaning function for the drying duct, the heat exchanger of the heat pump unit is equipped with an automatic cleaning function. During operation, water is automatically supplied to each of them to wash away the lint that has adhered to them, thereby suppressing the decrease in drying efficiency.