Toshiba Non-chemical Feed Filtration System produces clean treated water without using coagulants

Toshiba today announced that it has delivered its Non-chemical Feed Filtration System for treating waste water to Fujitsu Limited’s Nagano Plant, a printed circuit board production facility. The newly installed system, which starts operation today, offers multiple benefits. As an environmentally conscious water treatment system that applies Toshiba’s unique functional powder as a filter aid it eliminates the coagulants found in conventional water treatment systems, reducing residual waste, while the functional powder can be circulated and reused within the system, cutting the cost of treating waste water by approximately 40%.

Toshiba plans to introduce the system to fast growing Asian countries outside Japan, where expansion in the manufacturing sector is driving a growing need for a water treatment technology that significantly cuts environmental burdens. Toshiba will continue to create environmentally conscious products such as the Non-chemical Feed Filtration System and to promote business activities in industrial water treatment.

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