Toshiba to Establish Smart Community Center in Kawasaki Japan

Toshiba today announced that it is establishing a Smart Community Center in Kawasaki, Japan, that will support, enhance and advance the continued global development and expansion of Toshiba Group’s highly promising smart community business. The 15-story building is scheduled to open in October, 2013, and will provide a business base for approximately 7,000 people. The new center will provide a unifying base for Toshiba’s organizations engaged in smart community businesses in Japan, including Toshiba Group companies and business divisions developing cloud solutions.

The consolidation of related staff in a single location will facilitate closer cooperation with Toshiba’s nearby R&D centers and social infrastructure engineering and manufacturing facilities. The Toshiba Smart Community Center in Kawasaki, Japan, will itself be a showcase for smart community solutions, as it will integrate an intelligent Business Energy Management System (BEMS). Operation of the BEMS will be featured in the center’s smart community show room, along with Toshiba Group’s latest smart community and smart factory technologies.

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