Toshiba ePassport printer VP-P450- Puts an end to Illegal entry using fake passports?

Toshiba has developed a high-tech full-color, automated ePassport (IC passport) printer, VP-P450 that integrates all functions necessary for ePassport personalization. With the cabinet-sized VP-P450 Toshiba introduces an integrated, easily operated ePassport solution: a printer that supports the functions and throughput required in central passport printing offices while achieving a size that makes it suitable for installation in consulates. Toshiba ePassport (IC passport) printer outputs in full color and automates a series of processes, including: 1) feeding blank passports into the printer; 2) lamination; 3) encoding of IC-chips with the passport holder’s biometric data; and 4) confirmation of encoded IC data, all without any need for additional operating staff. The integration of these processes in a single unit with limited access also adds to security.

Toshiba ePassport printer VP-P450 is equipped with all functions necessary for ePassport personalization yet reduces demands on the operator while increasing efficiency. One notable feature is that the operator does not need to open the passports because the printer is equipped with a feeder and stacker that allows insertion and ejection while the passports are closed. This unique capability significantly reduces the operator’s workload and improves efficiency.