Toshiba fluorescent lamp Mellow Z Pride series lasts for approximately seven years

From Toshiba Lightec comes the fluorescent lamp Mellow Z Pride series, 12 models which maintain up to 70% of original brightness for 15,000 hours. Compared to the conventional model, the lamp life is 25% longer, and does not require replacement for approximately seven years if used for 5.5 hours per day. Triple electrical coils have been installed in all models, and the glass coating has been thickened to prevent degradation.

The price is open, but the market price is expected to be about 900 yen ($9.5) for the 30-watt round model, and 800 yen ($8.5) for the 20-watt tube model. Both models come in three versions including the soft white similar in color to standard incandescent lamps. Nine round fluorescent lamps, in addition to three straight tube fluorescent lamp models for use in the kitchen area will go on sale Sept 1.