Toshiba Inaugurates New Research Facility for Next Generation Nuclear Reactors

Toshiba today announced the opening of a new research facility equipped with a cutting-edge high temperature liquid-sodium test loop for conducting advanced research in essential technology for fast reactors, next generation nuclear reactors. The facility is located near the Isogo Nuclear Engineering Center (IEC), Toshiba’s main nuclear power business engineering center, in Toshiba’s Yokohama Complex. Through close coordination of key divisions, including R&D, design and engineering,
Toshiba_test_loop.jpg< Toshiba will accelerate improved development efficiency in sodium-related technology and equipment. The test loop is one of the largest operated by any Japanese manufacturer in terms of flow rate and the heating and cooling capacity of liquid sodium, widely recognized as the preferred coolant for fast reactors.
Toshiba also develops dedicated pumps, steam generators and measuring instruments for liquid-sodium systems, and the test loop will be used to confirm their performance to specifications.