Toshiba Neoball-Z Real Pride fluorescent lamp with 12,000-Hour Life

Toshiba announced Neoball-Z Real Pride; a bulb shaped fluorescent lamp with a rated life extended to 12,000 hours. The latest lamp has a rated life that is 1.2 times longer than that of the existing product (10,000 hours). Compared with an incandescent bulb, the rated life is approximately 12 times. The luminous efficiency is usually deteriorated when the fluorescent tube diameter is increased. To compensate for the deterioration, Toshiba increased the length of spiral fluorescent tube (discharge length) from 300 to 400mm. In this way, the new lamp ensures the luminous efficiency equivalent to that of the existing product.

Toshiba Neoball-Z Real Pride comes in three colors, warm white, day white and daylight. All types are a three band fluorescent lamp with high color rendering properties. The rated power consumption is 10W. The total luminous flux of the warm white type is 810lm, while those of the day white and daylight types are 780 and 730lm, respectively. Toshiba Neoball-Z Real Pride is slated for launch on July 1, 2008. The new lamp uses a plastic globe unlike the existing product using a glass globe.