Toshiba Starts Operation of World’s most advanced nuclear engineering facility in Japan

Toshiba today announced that new engineering facilities at its main nuclear power engineering center in Yokohama, Japan have started operation, as a core base to support the global expansion of the company’s nuclear power business. In order to provide high-quality engineering services as the core engineering center supporting global expansion, the new facility reinforces Toshiba’s engineering infrastructure with state-of-the-art 3D-CAD systems supporting stereoscopic view of designs, a communication network operating at the world’s highest level, and the latest security system. The new facility integrates highly advanced IT systems and will establish a close network with domestic and overseas clients, construction sites and R&D and engineering centers. The new facilities are equipped with lifeline utilities and have a quake-absorbing structure able to withstand major tremors, assuring continuity of operations during any emergency.

Toshiba’s State-of-the-Art New Facilities in Nuclear Power Plant Engineering Center is designed with consideration for the environment, and its range of environmental technologies include sensors that detect the presence of people and control lighting; LED lighting; and an energy-saving ventilation system. The combined effect of applying these measures will reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions by 30%.