Total sales of products Equipped with Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Technology Reach 30 Million Units Worldwide

Total sales of products from Sharp and products from companies in other industries equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology, Sharp’s proprietary air purification technology, reached 30 million units worldwide at the end of December 2010, approximately 10 years after Sharp first embedded this technology in air purifiers in September 2000. Although it took approximately five years to achieve the first 10 million units sold, it required only about three years to reach 20 million total units sold and then only two more years to reach the 30-million-unit mark, evidence that the use of Plasmacluster Ion technology is spreading at an accelerating pace. Thus far, Plasmacluster Ion technology has been deployed in 11 of Sharp’s own products, including air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and MFPs. In addition, this technology is being used in an ever broadening array of interior spaces, including inside vehicles, railway passenger cars, and elevators, and last year, was adopted for use in manufacturing plants and amusement facilities.

Sharp has also been intensifying the development of products equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology designed specifically for local markets to encourage wider use not only in developed countries, but also in emerging markets, particularly in ASEAN countries. For example, Sharp took note of the rising demand for motorbikes and scooters in Indonesia and will introduce a Plasmacluster Ion generator designed to deodorize motorbike helmets in late January. Sharp will continually assess the global market, and will strive to contribute to society by offering a series of new products equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology intended to create a healthier environment.