Toto optical car air freshener

pht27.jpgToto Ltd. Japan will launch XCARD, an optical car air freshener with only 1.5 mm thickness, which is 20% that of the existing product, on March 9, 2007. The optical car air freshener XCARD uses fibrous activated carbon with numerous micro pores formed on its surface to absorb odor. After absorbing odor, the activated carbon is exposed to sunlight so that the odor will be decomposed by a photo catalyst. The deodorant effect reportedly lasts for 6 months.The adoption of soft case as well as the slimness of 1.5 mm facilitates a user to place the product on a curved surface. Specifically, it can be attached to inconspicuous places such as inside the visor and pillar, under the dashboard, etc.

The Toto optical car air freshener XCARD comes in two sizes- 105 x 105 x 1.5 and 150 x 105 x 1.5 mm and will be available from 9th March.