Toy train powered by one EVOLTA AA battery travels 5.60844km on a track to set a new Guinness World Record

Takinogawa Daishichi Elementary School
Panasonic took on a great challenge, to create a new Guinness World Record using a toy train powered by a single dry cell battery to travel along the world’s longest track created with plastic rails. On December 14, 2013, the train traveled 5.60844km and successfully set a new Guinness World Record. The new record was set with the help of TOMY and the students of the Takinogawa Daishichi Elementary School located in the Kita Ward of Tokyo.

The track was created with TOMY’s plarails and the toy train used was Akita Bullet Train E6 Super Komachi. The train powered by 1 dry cell EVOLTA AA battery traveled 5.60844km on a track created with 26,667 rails. The track was designed by students of the Takinogawa Daishichi Elementary School. The school, which was built 59 years ago, will close down in March 2014, and reopen as a new school.
All 41 students as well as their teachers and former graduates joined hands spending approximately 1 week to put the track together. A part of the plarails used to set the new Guinness World Record(TM) will be donated to the “Smiles for everyone with challenge rails” campaign to commemorate this great feat.

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