Toyota Launches Fully Redesigned Voxy and Noah

Toyota announced today the nationwide launch in Japan of the completely redesigned Voxy through “Netz” dealers, and completely redesigned Noah through “Toyota Corolla” dealers. The new, second-generation models unveiled today extend the advanced functioning of the first generation, including an interior that pays particular attention to providing comfort, ease of use and a relaxed driving environment. At the same time, the Voxy has stylishness at its heart while the Noah gives off a feeling of familiarity. The new second-generation Toyota Voxy and Noah are equipped with the world’s first “one-touch folding” third-row seats and second-row “long-slide multi-use rotating” seats with a child seat mode.In addition, they adopt state-of-the-art technology such as a newly developed 2.0-liter engine outfitted with a “Valvematic” continuously variable valve lift mechanism for superior driving and environmental performance as well as an Intelligent Parking Assist system.

The Panoramic Super-live Sound System features speakers with a new structure that uses the roof panel as a diaphragm, producing a dramatic expansion of the sound field. The Smart Entry & Start System employs a key that does not need to be removed from the driver’s pocket to lock and unlock the doors, as well as a push button for starting the engine. The fully Redesigned Voxy and Noah will be launched on June 30 and July 1, 2007 in Japan.