Toyota Lexus LS600h world’s first car to have an LED headlight employing white LEDs

Toyota Lexus LS600h will be the world’s first car to have an LED headlight employing white LEDs. Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has developed and commercialized an LED headlight employing white LEDs for the Lexus. The headlight mounted on Lexus LS600h differs from the existing product in that it produces a light distribution pattern by synthesizing lights obtained from three compact projectors provided in line and lights reflected by a compact reflecting mirror, thereby improving visibility for drivers.In order to prevent performance degradation caused by temperature rise in the LEDs, high heat resistant LEDs and Koito’s proprietary cooling structure are employed in the latest headlight. The product boasts a high lighting speed that quickly ensures drivers’ view. The product features a long life with little reduction in light amount and almost no color change.

Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading Japanese supplier of vehicle lighting systems with 60% of the local headlight market and 19% of the worldwide market. Founded in 1915, the company has built a global network in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia, including 12 production facilities in eight countries.
Via – techon