Toyota Mark X ZiO launched in Japan

The new Toyota Mark X ZiO embodies the refined quality and outstanding cruising performance characteristic of the acclaimed Mark X series, while adopting an interior based on a new concept that allows for flexible arrangements to suit the vehicle’s use. A stylish new “4 + Free” concept creates a high-quality interior space that uses four independent seats that can accommodate four adults in comfort and luxury, as well as a flexible “free space” in the rear that can be changed according to the vehicle’s specific use. This allows the cabin to be modified into various configurations to achieve a “three-mode cabin” that can be used like a sedan, a station wagon or a minivan. In addition, a 2.4-liter or 3.5-liter engine provides ample driving performance and the vehicle boasts safety at the top levels of its class2 as well as outstanding environmental performance. The ZiO is a vehicle that can easily support the lifestyles of adults seeking varied and exciting experiences. The new Toyota Mark X ZiO features a Pre-crash Safety System that uses millimeter-wave radar. When the millimeter-wave radar detects a high risk of collision, the Pre-crash Seatbelts provide superior initial restraint capabilities for occupants while the Pre-Crash Brake Assist system decelerates the vehicle to reduce the collision speed, contributing to less collision-caused damage. A Radar Cruise Control system detects and monitors the preceding vehicle and the lane, maintaining a fixed distance according to the preceding vehicle’s speed within a preset range of speed.

The new Toyota Mark X ZiO interior uses illumination devices that produce light attractively, including the large LED ceiling light with its smoky lens and lights for other interior areas, including foot areas and doors, to create a new, mature style of interior space. A Super-live Sound System with a six-channel amplifier provides high-quality sound on par with live performance. With a monthly sales target in Japan of 4,000 units, the Toyota Mark X ZiO is available from Yen 2,560,000 ($22,306).