Toyota Mobility Robot can function as a porter!

Toyota unveiled today a new robot -Mobility Robot the newest additions to its Toyota Partner Robots being developed to support people’s everyday life. The mobility robot, which is capable of autonomous movement over uneven ground and around obstacles, provides transport in places where people usually walk. Toyota Mobility Robot can negotiate steps with independent vertical movement of left and right wheels, allowing it to assist in short-distance personal mobility. The Toyota Mobility Robot is capable of following a person, allowing it to function as a porter and also is capable of avoiding obstacles to reach its owner and of autonomously transporting its owner. The Mobility Robot has a traveling range of 20km on one hour of battery charge and can travels at up to 6km/h and capable of traversing a 10-degree gradient.

Toyota announced today that it aims to realize practical use trial of Mobility Robot at a Toyota-related facility from the latter half of 2008. The Toyota Mobility Robot measures 1,000mm (at rest); 1,100mm (in motion) and weigh 150kg.