Trends that have triumphed during the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of millions of people, it has modified routines in all continents and countries.

Beyond the pain caused by deaths and contagions, the measures imposed to control the disease, the quarantines, have left us with new trends that have already perpetuated in the collective imagination of the people. Teleworking is one of the best examples we could cite.

We have also seen an e-commerce boom, a take-off of delivery apps like we have never seen before. With covid-19 something is now very evident: it has become very important for entertainment to be at home. We have brought work, leisure, sports and many other activities to the home.

Streaming video platforms as well as online casinos have seen an increase in online users. A microscopic, highly contagious virus, an almost invisible enemy has changed our habits and routines. The so-called “new normal”, with its promises, will not entirely change these trends that seem to remain when the deadly threat of the coronavirus passes.

Before the pandemic, many people, especially people over 50, did not use online commerce. They preferred to go to the market, to the familiar stores they had always known. The pandemic forced these people to take the leap and start using Internet commerce platforms. 

And something expected happened. Many users of physical stores have realized that shopping online is very convenient, fast and efficient. Supermarkets are no longer the pleasant place where we used to go to buy groceries, they are no longer the place where we chatted with the neighbors. Now they are hostile places, with long lines, where we have to wear masks and always wear protection, fearful of contact and contagion.

Social networks and websites that offer audiovisual content have seen an increase in the appetite of users and consumers. 

Almost without exception, all brands have turned to placing advertising on networks such as Instagram, YouTube or Tik Tok which has led to an increase in online commerce and also greater activity by content producers, who want to take advantage of the increased flow of advertising investment.

Restaurants and cafeterias belong to one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, gastronomic services. The limitation of movement and the closure of stores have forced restaurants to look for strategies to survive in the midst of the crisis. 

They have found in delivery services, third party or proprietary, an option to avoid disappearing. When the pandemic is over, this delivery boom will continue to be highly valued even by those restaurants that are able to reopen their doors. 

As with online shopping, food delivery, online ordering of prepared foods has convinced many skeptics who believed that you couldn’t order breakfast or dinner online.

Online casinos have taken advantage of the restrictions caused by the pandemic to grow rapidly. Online gambling is perhaps one of the businesses that has grown the most thanks to the coronavirus.

Traditional users of physical casinos have migrated to gambling games offered by Internet casinos. In addition, with fewer people being able to go out to play sports or have fun, online casinos have become a magnet for the bored generated by the pandemic.

These days you no longer have to go to a physical casino to enjoy the thrill and adrenaline of mythical games like slots, roulette or poker. These amusements are just a click away, from the comfort of your couch or bed. If you are interested in knowing which online casinos are the best and most recommended, you can check the reviews at CasinoSelect.

You no longer have to take off your slippers to compete in a casino. The growth of these online gaming sites does not seem to end with the end of the pandemic.