Upset with his cell phone service Kim Smashes Mercedes S500 into Cell Phone Office

Kim upset with his cell phone service, drove a Mercedes Benz into the front door of the head offices of SK Telecom. Kim, 47, plowed the Mercedes S500 into the lobby of the SK Telecom office in Euljiro 2-ga in Seoul at 1 p.m. on Tuesday. No casualties were reported but a revolving door was seriously damaged. The car was registered to Kim’s friend. According to witnesses, Kim parked the car in front of the building and hung signs that said “Delinquent SK” on the windshield and rear window. He then tried to enter the office on foot. But when a guard asked him to move the car, Kim said, “I’ll move the car but you should be careful.” He then smashed the car into the lobby. Police say Kim was not drunk at the time. The Samsung Anycall cell phone that Kim bought from an SK distributor in Incheon on March 13 didn’t work at all. He thought it was a problem with the USIM card, a part made by SK Telecom, so Kim called SK’s call center. But the problem wasn’t resolved.

Kim said he called 16 times to complain and visited the head office twice. Two weeks ago, a head office employee suggested Kim replace his phone with a new model because they were out of the old one. Kim rejected the suggestion and insisted on receiving the same model which features an automatic overseas roaming service. Kim complained that SK refused to take responsibility for making faulty products.