Virtual Reality Clothing Shop opens in Korea

Is there any way to know if clothes really fit right without trying them on? There is now, thanks to a new high-tech, virtual reality fitting system. Shinsegae Department Store plans to try out the service in cooperation with the i-Fashion Clothing Technical Center of Konkuk University in the Elord golf wear shop of its main branch. At the Elord shop, customers can dress a three-dimensional likeness of themselves that includes their precise body measurements to see if an item of clothing fits well. At the shop a three-dimensional scanner scans your body in detail in just ten seconds in a room. Using that information, the system creates a 3-D personalized image for you. When you exit the room, you’ll meet your avatar on a large screen. Then you scan the RFID tag of an item you want to try on and it will appear on your avatar. The system also lets you select from a variety of other clothing options.

After a shopper has been scanned the information is encrypted and stored on a smart card for future shopping. A Shinsegae official said the store plans to introduce the avatar technology on Shinsegae and E-Mart’s online shops by next year.