Walt Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Gizmos

Runa Net Corporation has launched TV/DVD player, DVD player and CD player with the Walt Disney movie theme Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie is slated for world wide release on May 25th.All the three products are designed in line with the Pirates of the Caribbean. The 14” TV/DVD and DVD player comes with remotes resembling the compass Jack has in the movie.
The TV/DVD comes with the original Pirates of the Caribbean screen saver also. The eye of the skeleton turns red when the DVD player is operated with the remote. The CD player represents Jones’s heart and turns to red when powered on.

The 14” TV/DVD with video input/out put measures 405× 399×3988 mm, weighs 11kg and is available for approximately 29,400 Yen ($245). The DVD player measures approximately 318× 275× 848 mm, weighs 1.36kg and costs approximately 12,600 Yen ($105). The CD player with built in stereo speakers (1 W + 1W) measures 288× 206×2008, weighs 2.4kg and costs approximately 7,875 Yen ($66).