Water/air cooled hybrid CPU cooler from Scythe

scythe1.jpgThe Silver Knight WC-601 from Scythe Corporation is a Water/air cooled hybrid CPU cooler. The CPU cooler with the radiator and pump in one unit is compatible with CPU socket LGA 775 and socket 745/939/940.It is not compatible with socket AM2.The 8mm diameter copper pipe circulates chilled water and installation is easy compared with other compatible models. The on-board fan is placed in 92mm angle with speed regulator switch. At 2,600rpm the noise generated by fan is 25dB and at1,800rpm it is17dB.The flow of cooled water is 5.7L/h with noise below 20dB.The Silver Knight WC-601 measures 130×126.5×165mm and weighs 960g

With illustrated manual, accessory clip and grease, the hybrid CPU cooler is available from mid July for approximately 5,980 Yen($52).
Via Scythe(Japanese)