What Girls want – The best of Gizmodiva

Last week we slipped upon some bathroom music players. Sing and dance along with your favorite radio channels by means of this Floating Duck or the Shower Tap! And if bath time is not your time to listen to music then post shower, just cozy up in the arms of Rockin’ Boyfriend Pillow and indulge in your beloved track from your iPod. As Santa will be visiting all next month, let’s light up our walkways and back yards with these Solar Night Flowers. For the windows, doors and Christmas trees we have these cute Pink Playboy Bunnies too. Shouldn’t be too dark for him to overlook our house and our gifts! You can write to him too that you would love to get a Hello Kitty Digital Camera as a Christmas gift. Lastly check out a gadget to be with you on the move – Samsung’s DMB TV and a gadget to keep you working on the bed – Easy Desk Aluminum for your Laptops.