What Girls want – The best of Gizmodiva

At Gizmodiva, we have an array of gizmos that will definitely make it to your Christmas shopping list this year! For music buffs, we have the Snowman Speakers and the isound Plasma Speaker System to boost the sound from your music players. All those who love pets but can’t keep one due to inevitable reasons; the Password Puppies or the Nowanowa Pet are utterly genius alternatives to pamper your liking for pets. Moving towards more significant gadgets but with a dab of charm, these vibrant Pylone mini refrigerators steal the show. LG too has some Christmas treats as it unveils the Cherry and Mint Chocolate cell phones. Let the spring romance bloom this winter with this flowery Sarah clock! Just before we take your leave, take a look at this cutest and the tiniest of the robotic turtles – the Walkie Bits. Turtles do make a great pet too!