What Girls want – The best of Gizmodiva

This week we have a treat for all those on a weight loosing spree! All the mothers with infants, Strollometer Pedometer for Baby Carriages is a boon as it lets you monitor your calorie-burning as you take your baby for a joy-ride. For more earnest go-getters, Health Punch for your daily dose of exercise is actually easy-to-grip dumbbell that comes in vibrant colors to suit your mood or attire. Hold on, all you couch potatoes; we have something in store for your breed too! Silky Glove Spa burns your enemy…..yeah you heard us right- a pair of gloves can virtually melt your cellulite away. For our fellow computer geeks, we found USB Kitty, a watchcat for your Computer. And as winter is just around the corner you can Warm Hands With USB G-Gloves. Gals, in this time and age it’s become awfully tricky to disguise our sentiments as Philips develops clothing that reacts to wearer’s emotions. Well who’s gonna wear them! How can we take your leave without expounding our famed feline featured gizmos? Hello kitty encases your compact digital cameras whilst with Hello Kitty Mobile DVD Player- the cat is on the move.