What girls want – The best of Gizmodiva

Welcome to the world of pink gizmos! Girls the choice is bounteous as another cell-phone from the land of rising sun-Toshiba 811T clamshell turns Pink. Morphy Richards’ Pink Kettle, Toaster and Iron is a set of girly- pink gadgets to ease out your morning rush hour. While you iron you dress, your tea-n-toast will be done too! If you are having unexpected visitors over than take a look at a list of these gizmos that allow you to fix up the best of the desserts in a jiffy- Cuisinart Pink Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker, The Italian Connection- Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker, Pink Chocolate Fountain. After indulging in these entire sinful foodstuffs, you will need to guzzle down a can of Coke! Yeah! Coke’s Evniga promises to burn your calories….unbelievable! From Japan we have National-NA-VR1100, a washing machine that dries coolly while Dyson Washing Machines CR01 Two Much Tumble cleanses your fabric doubly. As Pink NOIZ Earphones Look Yummy, ChicBuds Earphones for Dolls are a treat for your ears too.