What Girls want – The best of Gizmodiva

As usual we have covered the best of the pink gizmos to keep you well-versed. Motorola L2 turns Pink to enhance its appearance, but to aid a beneficial cause here’s Polaroid’s i639M- Breast Cancer Awareness Digital Camera! While DS Lite enthusiasts can binge in this new Pink Nintendo DS Lite Love and Berry edition. Done with the pink gadgets, we have something for your body care too – Revlon Moisture Stay Paraffin Bath Aids Softness while Hasbro Tooth Tunes toothbrush cleans melodiously. Glance at some of the ludicrous stuff we have come across! Portable Oxygen in cans offers us the handiness of the most IMP gas on this planet. FurReal Breathing Pet Cat is so real that you wouldn’t need a company of a real-life pet anymore.